Synesthesia – Beautiful Surreal Short Film Imagines Sound Across Senses

” oh yeah! “

Synesthesia from Terri Timely on Vimeo.

At Music Tech Fest in London last month, I gave a talk and did an afternoon-long workshop exploring ways of connecting visuals to sound. We worked with pen and paper, with patching (in Pd), with code (in Processing), and via a survey of some interesting recent work, in this case all connected to drawing. A theme of the conference had been “synesthesia.” But it’s important to note that synesthesia goes beyond just making music visual. It deals with people actually having a sensory experience in which one input (like sound) triggers a different sense (like smell or color). Sure enough, someone who attended had a student who experiences quite strongly that nonvoluntary reaction.

This short film explores the extreme, visceral connection that cross-sensory sensation can produce.




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