Circadia by Kurt Bieg – A constellation of colours seeking a rhythm – iOS


Circadia Trailer (Long) from Kurt Bieg on Vimeo.

Created by Kurt Bieg, Circadia is a very simple, very tricky and exceptionally engaging little game created using openFrameworks. Each level in Circadia is a constellation of musical colors seeking a rhythm. To solve the puzzle you must figure out the sequence. Just get the color bursts to converge on the white dot at the same time.
It starts off very simple but as you progress it becomes increasingly complex. Trying to sync both the sound and visual composions is much more tricky than you could imagine. The game features “100 unique ear bending puzzles meticulously designed to challenge your senses”.
Warning from the creator: “Enjoy with caution”


Quadrotors at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase 2012 by MLF – Details


Meet Your Creator NDS Show from Marshmallow Laser Feast on Vimeo.

Now in its 22nd year, the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase hit Cannes again, unveiling another presentation of the new directorial talent. Marshmallow Laser Feast (Robin McNicholas, Memo Akten and Barnaby Steel) were the creative and technical directors of the production which included a theatrical performance by 16 flying robots reflecting light beams on the stage. CAN got the all the details on how this mesmerising performance came into being.
Memo describes the goal as to create something simple, beautiful and mysterious: “to push the experience to that of watching an abstract virtuoso being made of light, playing a bizarre, imaginary musical instrument.” The performing Quadrotors are not the *stars* of the show but rather the light forms generated. Their role, Memo describes, is to manipulate the space by sculpting the light creating a ballet of anthropomorphic light forms. As the audience anticipates performance on the stage, buzzing fills the dark auditorium – causes confusion with no idea what is about to happen. 16 Quadrotors take the stage, hovering above a pyramid with light beams aimed at each one and light reflected back onto the stage. They move, reassemble, reshape the space.

The Evil Eye – Optical audio record by Indianen

INDIA Future!

Evil Eye first prototype test from tim K on Vimeo.

The Evil Eye project is the result of a residency by Belgium collective Indianen at the Frans Masereel Center, a center for printmaking in Kasterlee. The project investigates how printmaking could produce another kind of information, transforming material into an object with a new meaning.
When you put “optical audio record” on the record player it passes the handheld electronic “eye” the team has built: a simple device with an LED and a light sensor. The rotating patterns create modulating light that is translated into an electric signal by the eye. This signal is fed into a guitar amplifier and comes out as the exact sound that is embedded in the prints.
The app that generates the patters was made with Cocoa / Objective-C. It can create tracks with notes and sequences of notes with different waveforms like a synth, or just audio files (.wav) that you load into it. The screenshot below shows the record in the making and allows user to move and scale the tracks, change the sample rate, etc.

SoundBow – Drawing based musical instrument for Android

Android! Fantastic!

Created by Agoston Nagy, SoundBow is a free sound instrument for Android devices which allows you to create melodies by drawing curves on the screen. Your curves are be remembered and played back continuously. Each time your ever-looping gesture hits a string, a sound is produced.
SoundBow is built with Processing (with native Android functions) and the sounds are handled by the free visual patching language Pure Data (using libPd for Android ).
Reusable source code & HTML 5 version (based on the mighty processingjs and the html5 audio tag) is coming soon.

Goethe Institute in Barcelona | Sebastian Neitsch [vvvv]

nice interface!

Interactive mapping at the Goethe Institut Barcelona from Sebastian Neitsch on Vimeo.

Simple audio-reactive installation in the entrance hall of the Goethe Institute in Barcelona. A microphone hanging from the ceiling picks up sound which gets transformed into graphics. Using VVVV with FFT.

Flight of the Fireflies – “Atmospheric journey through places and emotions” [iPad, Games]

immagine for i-pad!

Flight of the Fireflies – Trailer from Jonathan Hise Kaldma on Vimeo.

“The fireflies are leaving the city, looking for a new home. Let your touch guide them as they soar through the skies and dance among the trees” is the description of an experimental video game ‘Flight of the Fireflies’ by Jonathan Hise Kaldma that takes you on an atmospheric journey through places and emotions. The focus of the game is not on the challenge – but on the experience. The game lets the player guide a swarm of fireflies with their finger. Each firefly is a separate note in a score that is generated dynamically while you play. As you collect fireflies, the music builds up and becomes more and more intricate. The game is divided into five chapters, with environments made from photographs taken in and around Stockholm, Sweden.

Karaoke Breathalyzer


Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz present “Karaoke Breathalyzer”. To increase awareness about drunk driving, we created the world’s first microphone breathalyzer and invited people to sing karaoke. Once up on stage, with their guard down, we took them by surprise. At the end of each song, we didn’t show their score, we showed their alcohol blood level.